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Mirchi movie review

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Movie: Mirchi
Cast: Prabhas,Anushka Shetty,Richa Gangopadhyay
Genre: Action – Romance
Language: Telugu
Certification: A
Director: Koratala Siva
Music By: Devi Sri Prasad
Producer: Pramod Uppalapati,Vamsi Krishna Reddy
Release Date: 8 Feb 2013

Mirchi Review : Story

Jai [Prabhas] is a cool, fun loving architect, who believes anything and everything in life can be changed with Love. In Italy, Jai comes across Manasa [Richa], Soon they turn into friends... to see her happy, Jai lands in India. As usal with his charms and goodness he becomes close to Manasa's faction family. When the family accepted Jai to be their sun-in-law, Jai reveals his past life which is connected with Vennela [Anushka] who is part of the rivalary group for Manasa family. What's the reason for rivalary between both groups? What is the past life of Jai? Does it connected to Richa or not? What is the end of this triangle love story? are to be seen on silver screen.
Mirchi Review : Star Performances

Young Rebel star lived over and up the expectation in mirchi when compared to his earlier film. When compared in acting, dances, screen presences and especially looking charming on silver screen. Prabhas has shown three modulation in is character Jai as cool NRI, son of sweet parents and working as architect and mass young hero with powerful fights and expressions. Anushka as Vennela looked natural yet entertaining with girl next door and girl in love with Jai. Her performance gave life to character and even her chemistry with prabhas, her dancing skills deserves khudos. Richa stand as negative aspect for the film, she did not match to stand before prabhas, even at one frame throughout the film. Sathyaraj role is neat with grace, even though his character is less in the film Sampath Raj excelled playing the role of protagonist, he impresses in every scene he comes. Bramhi brought few laughs in character of “Veera Pratap” , Nagineedu, Subbaraj, Satyam Ramesh, Nadhiya looked fine doing justice to their role.
Mirchi Review : Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Director debuted writer Koratala Siva has made decent yet not out-of-the-box script for star hero like Prabhas. Not just direction, he also took care of Story, Screenplay, Dialogues but succeed at filming countable scenes which audience get connect and remember after leaving theater. Siva managed screenplay but doesn't sound good with dialogues and even editing part of the film can be better, Routine story line followed by unapealing climax brought movie from super hit to one time watch. Overall, his work is not brilliant and not totally ignorant. Along with already popular music album, Devi Sri Prasad background score was extraordinary and it gave soul to handful of scenes... made audience immerse with ongoing film. Unlike rest of the movie, Songs were canned beautifully... DSP's music flows smoothly keeping your foot tap. Madhi cinematography was disappointing, it completely lacked projecting star hero like prabhas on a large scale. Thought of bringing the native look to scenese like faction backdrop, chases, fights backfired by making the visuals appear cheap and second standard... which you would never expect in a star hero film. Editor Kotagiri venkateswara rao could have used his scissiors better in trimming the dragging actions sequences and helped improvizing the slow narration parts of the film. Friends duo of Prabhas who also happened to produce this flick spent good money in doing so... All songs and some scenes looked rich and alright but many scenes gives an impression that product cost is saved. 
Mirchi Review : Analysis

While claiming movie as stylish entertainer... Koratla Siva picked a old-formulatic -story with mass family faction backdrop. Which is all about rivalry between two groups and lead from one group taking initiative to eradicate the rivalries between these groups and bring peace. There were ten's of (probably more) films on the same line... recent Bindaass to Dammu are of the same genre. On top of picking a regular story, Siva injected Youth, Comedy, Mass, Family Sentiment, Romance elements to cater something for every segment audience... and tried to make it pakka commercial flick. This took away the much deserved depth & seriousness of this genre films. But his screenplay, followed with few heart touching scenes and the visual treat with songs saved the flick to be one time watch. Watching Prabhas on-screen was never entertaining as-it-is in this flick. Yeah he was amazing in Darling or Chatrapathi too, but in this flick he had shown different modulations side-by-side as the take-it-easy guy, stylish-youngster, mass-hero and you might even feel he is looking damn good on-screen... even better than Mr.Tollywood... Mahesh babu [yeah, seriously]. Richa never stood to his stature on-screen, but Anushka was awesome. You would only wish for more run time of Prabhas-Anushka scenes.  Film started with jovial note by showcasing the take-it-easy yet intellectual character of Jai. Little romantic episode with Richa wasn't satisfactory, but you would enjoy Prabhas acts on-screen. The on-off, irrelevant Palnaadu faction scenes bothers you during this time. When Jai make his way to Palnaadu... movie swing in between the forcible comedy and cruel-serious tracks, while some of these scenes are heart touching and emotionally connective many make you feel swinging like pendulum between comedy and serious tracks without establishing storyline. Followed with few predictable twists, dragging interval bang... stylish character of Jai revealed and Prabhas memorizes you and the romantic track between Prabhas and Anushka is thoroughly enjoyable one. Had the pre-climax and climax provided bit of support... movie should have made into Must-Watch category, but director dropping ball there leave the film to be one time watch.  
Mirchi Review : Conclusion
·         Prabhas appeal and performance

·         Prabhas-Anushka chemistry

·         DSP Music & BG score

·         Sathyaraj as father

·         Sentiment & Emotions
. Few dragging scenes

Verdict:- watch for brilliant performance of Prabhas in 3 different shades. Go for it,

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