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Mirchi Movie Live Updates

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12:30am: Midnight show... Thousands of people in front of theater, flashing their benefit show tickets with pride... Greeting others with happy 'Mirchi' shouts... Police men all around the theater controlling young rebel star fans... This is the status at benefit show theater in Hyderabad, guess what would be in Godavari districts crowds.  
01:40am: Titles started with normal track... but simple yet cute entry of Prabhas with musical instrument is nice...
01:44am: Richa's [Manasa] entry... first fight with good dialogues and perfect action movies were given required elements for the Rebel Star entry as [Jai]  
01:50am: Prabhas look and the dialogue delivery reminding darling movie... Jovial Prabhas with trendy clothes and nice hairstyle along with cute smiley face gives mass hero appeal yet reminds next door guy.
01:54 Am: Yahoon! Yahoon! song comes up with peppy dance moves, regular foreign locations and white people. Although h Richa is on screen, Prabhas steal the show.  
01:58 Am: Okay! Glimpse of Palnadu faction on screen... Prabhas is back to Hyderabad as a collage student he looked not bad as student :). 'Subbaraju' as classmate to Prabhas... Looks a bit  weird... 
02:00 Am: 'Brahmi' entered the scene as 'Veera Pratap'... His intro is not all that funny, but he pulled few laughs through his flashback episodes.  
02:08 Am: Palnaadu episode again but more cruel and bloody.
02:10 Am: Mirchi Mirchi Song... full mass steps, Red pepper all around and 'Hamsa Nandhini' looking good; but placement of song is not right.
02:13 Am: Prabhas tricking Subbaraju is all revealed, Prabhas is in Palnadu... So far executed well...  
02:13 Am: Bramhi is also in Palnaadu! Comedic dialogues delivery was okay but not to the extent we expect from Bramhanandam.
02:20 Am: Palnaadu episodes are being canned so raw and native style... Looking cheap and crude on screen.   
02:23 Am: Story is building up... while Bramhi's homesick episode is trying to entertain... movie is getting serious   
02:26 Am: Faction mixed sentiment scenes canned with perfect background score... Emotions were nicely captured.
02:28 Am: Richa's double meaning dialogues episode is sort of awkward and boring.
02:30 Am: Nagineedu turning into 'Pedda Manishi' was emotionally perfect guys  
02:33 Am: Richa's 'marriage looks' episode was okay...  
02:37 Am: Prabhas intelligent moves are good to see on screen, Brahmi's conversation with Prabhas about 'Vaadakam' is funny.   
02:42 Am: Barbie girl song... Simple village locations but cowboy getup's and white beauties around was visual treat... Prabhas is ease with his dance moments and the energy and grace he is bringing on screen was amazing.      
02:46 Am: Faction chase scene was good... Prabhas saving one of villain was canned okay.    
02:47 Am: Prabhas conversations with ladies gang was native. 
02:49 Am: Opposite family head... Sathyaraj entry was shot with cheap visuals, cinematography and taking is disappointing, but the background score was nice. 
02:50 Am: Prabhas getup as farm labour with 'Panche' and red muffler was good.
02:50 Am: Lengthy dragging fight scene is more heroic than natural, and visuals are quite unappealing.
02:54 Am: Interval bang with the twist was sort of not bad. but certainly expected better.
02:54 Am:  --- POP CORN TIME --
03:05 Am: Prabhas cute looks, jovial action combined with intelligent thinking , his dance moves, DSP's background score, songs, native faction atmosphere, few emotional faction scenes are the good ones. Downside is Richa, story is quite regular one so far, Cinematography, in the name of nativity... scenes are canned bit cheap, we would expect more grandeur show for hero like Prabhas.
03:09 Am: Prabhas flash back started... Prabhas is presented with a very neat getup... he is looking awesome. 
03:11 Am: Flashback within flashback villages and Prabhas father... lot of drama, sentiment   
03:14 Am: Okayy! Anushka's introduction with her 'marriage looks' episode was good   
03:17 Am: Anushka and Prabhas encounter was unusual and well thought... Looked good on screen  
03:19 Am: Father - Son scenes between Prabhas and Sathyaraj shot nicely and the  background score was quite opt.
03:20 Am: Anushka and Prabhas chemistry looked good guys 
03:24 Am: Kailash kher... 'Pandagala  digi vachadu' song was shot with rich visuals and giving much awaited heart touchiness for this genre film.
03:25 Am: Sathyaraj performance is good, he was given a character with potential, and he is doing justice for it
03:27 Am: Prabhas chasing scene shot in village roads looked okay, following fight was powerful and dialogue delivery from Prabhas was amazing.  
03:30 Am: Anushka - Prabhas conversation was romantic, enjoyable and concluded with good meaning.
03:35 Am: Massive village burning episode... followed by argument between two groups and little fight of Prabhas was canned meaningfully, Satyam Rajesh comedy episode is okay 
03:40 Am: Dialogues are good... Story plot is turning interesting guys   
03:43 Am: Prabhas is looking damn good... after seeing Prabhas in this getup... 'Puri jagannadh' might take his comment back about Mahesh as the most handsome hero of Tollywood.
03:50 Am: Anushka - Prabhas love episode is concluding to marriage with wonderful note and very nice dialogues  and heart touching scenes
03:54 Am: 'Kaatuka Kallunu ...' song: silent romance of Anushka and Prabhas with few beautiful scenes in between was a visual treat... Song was shot with creative theme and for the first time it looked like a duet with hero  and heroine in the song .  
03:57 Am: Anuskha and Prabhas back with most awaited song 'Darlingey' song... Sort of traditional art work, nice moves, Anushka, Prabhas grace make this song a lovable one... 
03:59 Am: Sathyaraj and his wife family sentiment scenes are shot as required. Prabhas marriage episode started on good note 
04:01 Am: Fight in 'pelli pattu panche', Reminds you 'Eshwar' Prabhas, Fight shot intelligently... Background music is soul to the fight.
04:03 Am: So far, Prabhas was presented with three shades of emotions and performance and he is good in every part of it.  
04:04 Am: Heavy sentiment scenes are running, audience seem to connect well with the movie. 
04:06 Am: 'Nee Choopula' song as Prabhas walking out of village shot with required emotions, nice to see on screen  
04:09 Am: Magatanam episode between villain and Prabhas is well thought and built pre-climax.
04:15 Am: Fight scene with Prabhas folding his hands taking all the beating from villain but responding aggressively when the matter come to his family... was dramatic and not quite appealing; but the meaningful background score was nice.
04:18 Am: Climax is sort of flat [bit of disappointing] so far... But the way a 20 years paralyzed person getting up and talking about Prabhas was one savior  
04:19 Am: Cinematic... Everyone changed to be good people and Prabhas settling down with Anushka as predicted

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