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Daruvu Review

Daruvu Review

Behind the Movie Daruvu: Hero Raviteja in poor form with back to back flops has high expectations on this flick directed by Siva. With Tapsee’s glamour to woo the masses, Brahmi’s character getting good response, let us see how far Raviteja succeeded with this ‘Daruvu’?
In the Movie Daruvu: As per the core plot, Senior Yama (Kaikala Satyanarayana) handovers the responsibilities of Yama Lokam to his son Junior Yama (Prabhu) while Chitragupta (MS Narayana) retains his chair. Coming to Bhulokam, here is Bullet Raja (Raviteja) and his friend Khaja (Venenla Kishore) forming a tapori batch. Raja falls in love with Swetha (Tapsee), a student at Dance Master Vidya Balan (Brahmanandam). Catching Vidya Balan in a trap, Raja becomes Natyacharudu continuing to irritate Swetha. On the other side, local goon Harbor Babu (Sushant Singh) also eyes on Swetha which incidentally leads to conflict between Babu and Raja. 
Exactly at the right time when Swetha gets attracted towards Raja, due to a deliberate error by Chitragupta in Yama Lokam, Raja gets killed in the hands of Babu. The error is simple; Raja hasn’t lived his full life and he is mistakenly parceled. Having known this fact, Raja creates chaos in Yama Lokam. This makes Lord Yama send Raja back to Earth by making Raja’s soul enter into the body of corrupt Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Rajendra (Raviteja), son of Parvatamma (Jayasudha). How did Raja tackle the social issues, how he worked for welfare of common man, how did he punish the corrupt businessmen Santaram (Sayaji Shinde), Balaram (Avinash), Spiritual Guru Pavitra (Raghu Babu) and goon Harbor Babu forms the rest of movie.
Values of the Movie Daruvu: The biggest advantages of this mass entertainer are the superb energy levels of Raviteja and rapid paced narration from director Siva. In fact, story compiled by Siva and Adi Narayana has no originality and is a mixed bag of previous hit films with Yama Lokam backdrop. It’s the tight screenplay which has done the trick. Anil Ravipudi’s dialogues too have done their part in elevating the amusement of audience. Cinematography by Vetri was apt to the treatment and flashy. Goutham Raju’s editing needs special applause for the lightening speed in this film. ‘Aththili Chira Bara Mass Raja…’ is one catchy tune from music director Vijay Antony while background score was gripping. Visual graphics are of normal quality and Production values of Burugupalli Sivaramakrishna are high.
Performance wise, this role is just a cake walk for Raviteja who showed enormous consistency in energy levels through out the film. His popular mannerisms have come out very good. Raviteja excelled equally in emotionally connecting scenes with mother Jayasudha too. As usual, Tapsee looked ultra glamorous with shining skin. Her chemistry with Ravi was authentic. Next to speak about is comedy by Brahmi as Vidya Balan which exceeded some limits but overall hilarious. Prabhu and MS Narayana formed the popular pair of Yama & Chitragupta while LB Sriram as Narada was a part of some ugly mass comedy. Jayasudha was decent while the villainy of Sayaji, Avinash and Raghu Babu was distinctive. Sushant Singh is just okay. .
Out of the Movie Daruvu: In a single line, Raviteja strikes back with enormous vigor to offer you his natural flair in ‘Daruvu.’ This can’t be called a simple ‘Mass’ film. Its apt to call ‘Daruvu’ as ‘Oora Mass’ or ‘Pichcha Mass.’ Raviteja has unleashed himself after a long time to show his immaculate timing in bombarding mass elements well supplemented by Brahmanandam in first half and Siva’s script in second half. 
Director Siva has taken enough precautions and did not to let down the momentum at any point of time. Of course, second half is far entertaining than a successful first half. While first half is used to establish the plot, second half served the purpose. For audience, who love to just relax and enjoy a laughter riot without questioning on logics, ‘Daruvu’ can be the best option for weekend. It sails with illuminating speed although story line is familiarly thin.
Commercially, ‘Daruvu’ is a film which would be liked more by masses. Definitely, there are high chances of Raviteja to score a decent hit this time irrespective of ‘Gabbar Singh’ sitting strong in opposition. Let us wait for clear result in coming days.
Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Daruvu: A Full Length-Time Pass-High Energetic-Oora Mass Entertainer.

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